Solid local car wash. Service is quick and my car always comes out of there spotless. All of the employees seem reasonably friendly. The only problem I had was that I asked for a basic wash and the guy marked me down for the next package up, which I didn’t notice until I had paid. This place is good, just make sure that they put down the right package on your ticket before you go inside.
— Brian A.
It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.
— Quentin
They do a great job. I take a lot of our service customers car through the wash. Every one always comments how good cars look
— Jim S.
The car wash has always given me a slight nervous feeling. I think it dates back to my toddler years, when I was strapped in the back of my mom’s Camaro, while she played Bruce cassettes and gave me a steady supply of orange Tic-Tacs to sooth my nerves.

As I pulled into the wash on my lunch break today, I tried to placate the familiar unease with The Ting Tings and Altoids. The hulking man who was handing out receipts looked intimidating and had a no-nonsense attitude. I got out of my car and requested a regular wash. The giant’s eyes pierced mine and he replied, “I like your Hello Kitty band-aid.”

Oh. That wasn’t so bad!

I made it inside and was about to pay the cashier, when I heard a “Miss!” behind me. The car wash employee signaled to my hand, which was gripped tightly around my keys. Oops.

Finally, my car was finished. It appeared clean and shiny (both inside and out!), and the droppings from the earlier bird-assault on my car were gone, but there were still some remnants of salty snow melt stuff towards the bottom. For a $10+ wash, this was a little ridic, but since I made it out of the experience alive I’m still a happy customer. Next time I gather up the car wash nerve, I’ll come on Customer Appreciation Tuesdays, when everyone gets $3 off.
— Michelle C.
I’ve been coming to this car wash for years now. Never had a problem, knock wood. I know some people get weirded out by having someone in your car, but I actually prefer them to put the car on the track. You can’t ride in the car anymore while it’s being washed (damn shame really, kids love that, hell, I love that) but you can watch it being washed through a plate glass window. There’s flashing lights and stuff for the kiddies or the grown-ups can look at floor mats, seat covers or some crazy air freshener.

Can be expensive, but I love how a crew of 5 guys comes out to wash the insides of the windows and wipe down the dash. I wish they were a little more thorough on the wheels, but it’s always so much nicer to get into a clean car. Cashier lady always appears to be annoyed that I am interupting her.

Michelle’s right: go for customer appreciation day or pick up a coupon from SuperFresh. It’s super convenient to get gas at the Shell next door before you head out on your big auto adventure!
— Karen T.

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